Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

  1. Powell, A., Jenkins, K., & Gulledge, B. (2021). Teaching Social Justice and Engaging Gen Z Students in Digital Classrooms During COVID-19 [Review of Teaching Social Justice and Engaging Gen Z Students in Digital Classrooms During COVID-19]. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Special Issue: Pedagogy of the Polarized.

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  1. ‌Spring 2021 - Panel, International Communication Association, PROTESTING POLICE KILLING: WHAT PARTICIPANTS EXPERIENCED: A qualitative analysis on actual participant experience during the summer 2020 BLM protests

  2. Spring 2021 - Panel, Eastern Communication Conference, ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING AND COVID-19: AN OVERVIEW ON HOW TO MOTIVATE A GEN-Z: This presentation focuses on best practices to engage college students during COVID using Pang (2010) activity model.

  3.  Spring 2021 - Panel Eastern Communication Association, SOCIAL MEDIA AND HEALTH: HEALTH INFORMATION DIRECTED AT AFRICAN AMERICANS ABOUT THE COVID-19 VACCINE: This presentation is about social media and African Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. And specifically about health-related information directed at African Americans about the COVID-19 vaccine.

  4.  Fall 2020 - Panel,  National Communication Conference; MYTHS ABOUT BLACK IMMUNITY: A critical analysis of the historical implications of myths surrounding Black immunity; examining the rhetoric during Yellow Fever and COVID-19.

  5.  Fall 2020 - Individual Paper, National Communication Conference, SLACKTIVISM AND GROUPTHINK: Quantitative study on how groupthink is a catalyst for slacktivism, looking at the intersection of fandoms and cancel culture surrounding beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star