The time has finally come. Today is everything.

My hard work, my time, my tears, my frustration, my passion is finally coming alive. I cannot even describe the feeling; I want to cry but be happy at the same time. I want to pull my hair out but still keep it intact for professionalism purposes. I want to quit everything all together, but I won’t because I worked to hard.

I am overwhelmed with emotions and life right. I cannot believe I am doing this. Honestly, I cannot believe where I am right now.

Along my journey, I wanted to quit so many times. Mostly at the disbelief that I am actually doing this and because of the doubt monster that lives inside my head. I think doubt is normal, you just gotta keep pushing through it, don't let it stop you.


Before you launch there are so many things you need to cover. I mean so many. Here are my helpful tips:

✅Make sure website is up and working

✅Connecting domain to website could take up to 72 hours, so make sure you plan ahead

✅Make sure your social media is up and working

✅Your promo ad or video should be ready to go

✅ Panic/Cry

✅ Make sure, if you have one, your subscription email is working

✅If your subscription email has an automatic email function, test it (I have made 7 new gmails to test mine)

✅ Make sure all your links on your website work

✅Proof read 40 times everything


I stayed up until 4 am last night making sure everything was perfect and I am still nervous.

Okay, what you all have been waiting for… what I have worked so hard on. I now present you all with