Change, no fix. No. Just Re-do!

One thing I was not expecting is how much changes would occur to my website, like constant change, like every second change. You start off with one idea and if it doesn't work you have to change it but to what? That is what they don't tell you and they can't tell you cause its completely subjective to your situation. Yea so theres no quick or exact way to change you just have to be aware. For example this was my website when I started. The front page had some information and I had 3 programs available.

My idea was that people would choose a program and I would create them a months worth of plans. Of course I would customize it for them and it would be really easy, right?

So after the first customer and month I realized this setup was not working, well it was but not enough. My main page had information on it but it wasn't driving people to my blog (what I want people to read) or the many features of my website. It instead drove people to the program page and one blog post. It also didn't inform everyone of all I have to offer.

My programs were another problem, after a couple people signed up I realized I could not do the output fast enough. I also noticed once someone signed up and the sign up sheet (in which I paid $102 for) wasn't customized enough. Not only did I waste money but I couldn't produce my product my up to par.

Basically I was set up for failure.

So what could I do to fix it up?

First thing I had to do was make the homepage extremely interactive, which meant including pictures, duh. Each picture leads to a blog post or an informative page about the plans or about my business. This has driven so  much people to my blog and when a post isn't getting views, I just add it to the picture gallery and views go up.

My blog is the most changing aspect of my site and has the most information. I am adding post to my blog every week so I decided to add "quick tabs" to the top. People view my post in the top 3 categories the most so why not make it easier for them to get there. Making things easier for consumers to get to makes them like your site more because it's accommodating to there needs.

The most important change I made was the plans. Instead of having pre-made programs that I would send out, these plans are more customizable and easier to create. It helps me work more with the customers and give them exactly what they what. Further more it allows me to really get the most information that I need to make everything perfect and it makes the window of time between purchases and sending it out much wider. The best part, the form to fill out is free (saved me money and benefits the customers.)

Iteration is so important in any business and it may take awhile to get the right formula. Having analytics is probably one of the more important gadgets to have to see if what you have is working. Once you see how your website is performing then, you want to make sure it is optimized. Go on your website click around and see if everything you want people to see is up front. What do your eyes go to, what is it missing and what would make it easier to navigate? Once you ask these questions make the changes accordingly and quickly. The faster you get the new additions out, the more people will see it and appreciate it. For now the changes I made have helped tremendously and have driven people exactly where I wanted them. Check out my changes and site @