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Work Experiences

BodiedbyScorp (web) - CEO/Founder

Owner and creator of an online fitness website. The website offers customized weight loss plans to customers. Proceeds of profits will go to a scholarship for a Ramapo High School senior who shows exemplary involvement in their community. (2016 - Current)



The Journal News/ Lo Hud - Reporter

Rockland county education reporter at covering the eight school districts in the county. (March 2019 - August 2019)


Americorps - Volunteer

Full-time volunteer for Americorps at the New Jersey Community Development Corporations -Paterson School No. 5 location.

  • Educates students in grades K-6, in English language arts and elementary arithmetic.

  • Provides daily instructional support in classrooms and collaborates with teachers on lesson plans.

  • Advises students one-on-one and in small groups of 10-15 who need extra assistance.

  • Coordinates a comprehensive case management system for students requiring additional assistance in areas, such as homework, social/emotional development, personal growth, college applications, etc.

  • In charge of assessing the educational progress of assigned students; noting any grade changes, hours they were advised and recording their feedback from our sessions.

  • Compiles a monthly report on each student to track progress. (November 2018 - March 2018)

The Black Detour - Contributing Writer ​​

Contributing staff writer for online news platform focused on black issues including politics, lifestyle, history and breaking news.

  • Covers historic/prominent black icons and black history in America that are not mainstream or covered in American public-school systems, through profiles and feature pieces.

  • Writes opinion pieces on black culture and social issues in American society and media

  • Upcoming series on successful black artists, actors, musicians and academics who have committed suicide via drug overdose or other means, through miniature biographies of each person to shed light on the importance of mental health. (January 2019 - current)



Editor-in-Chief/Immigration Policy Researcher - CEO/Founder

Director of a non-profit organization focused on sharing immigrant stories. I created and designed the website, run social media and was appointed Editor-in-Chief for our bi-monthly magazine. Recently, I began doing research about immigration policy for different countries in Africa and will produce reports for Safari Yangu annually. (August 2017 - Current)



Miami Herald - Reporter

A daily reporter for the Miami Herald covering little Haiti, daily news and culture writing. (September 2018- November 2018)



Forbes Magazine - Education

Writer for Forbes Magazine's education sector; editing America's Top College List for 2018, assigned over 160 colleges. (June 2018 - August 2018)



Haitian Times - Freelance

Freelancer for the Haitian Times, an online newspaper solely focused on the Haitian community in America and Haiti. Covered local stories in New York and immigration policy. (March 2018 - Current)


Pink Entourage - Communications Manager

In charge of running the entire marketing/communication department and social campaigns for a New York salon. Creates all online visuals, produces and promotes salon products and salon content through different mediums. Assistant ingredient researcher and business admin assistant: performs accounting tasks, develops strategies to reach sales goals, implementing and accessing current policies and developing reachable goals. (May 2014-Current)


Bronze Magazine - Staff Writer

A reporter for an online magazine focused on women of color and minority issues. In charge of producing pieces weekly on fitness, health, beauty, news, politics and various other issues. Responsible for conducting interviews with various celebrities and feature individuals. (May 2017 - Current)


Use Scoop - Editorial Writer/Social Media Coordinator

Writer for sustainable living non-profit, that offers clothes pickups for donations across the country. Writers articles on sustainable living, national recycling efforts, eco-friendly business and upcycling. (October 2017 - May 2018)



Coligo Co - Staff Writer

Writer for a company focused on bringing companies to non-profit organizations; bridging the gap between the two accompanied with a blog which shows celebrities, organizations and companies that do philanthropic events, fundraisers or donations to media view. Showing a light on philanthropy and giving back. (June 2017 - February 2018)


Vera Bradley - Sales Associate

Part-time sales associate for bag/apparel brand. In charge of customer service, assisting story set up and closing store. (February 2017- December 2017)


Motivate Art (Web) - Intern

Consulted and managed internal branding for the creative consulting company. Worked right under the CEO to implement new concepts to grow following including; social media campaigns, revamping the website and engaging consumers. (January 2017 - April 2017)


Blasting News (web) - Contributing Writer

Writer for online news platform. Writes about trending topics related to news and world issues. The 145th most visited website in the world (Alexa Ranking), counting on 100+ million monthly unique visitors and 1 million blasters from 34 countries, who publish 22.000+ original news each month in 24 different languages. (January 2017- June 2017)


TailgatingisGood (web) - Core Leader/Student Representative/Employee

Job Description: Leader for a startup company focused on selling apparel with the tailgating brand. The company is a service company that wants to bring money into the college by giving a $15,000 scholarship to a Penn State student. My job includes designing ideas for apparel or getting outside designers to make new designs. Going out to tailgates and promoting the company with fun games and free give outs. Creating pitches to local companies for sponsorships and sitting in negotiating meetings. Collecting students to work with the company during football games and supervising students during the process. Reaching out to student clubs to partner with the company on fundraising ideas. (August 2016 - December 2016)


College Athletic Clips (website) - Intern

Job Description: Helped create a database for a collegiate sports website. Co-wrote and helped aggregate sports news for the website and made a condensed version for emails. (May 2016 - August 2016)


The Pennsylvania State University - Teaching Assistant

Job Description: Helped organize and instruct a 400 level women's study class about race, gender and sexual orientation in the media. (January 2016 - May 2016)


Lion and Cub (Apparel Store) - Sales Associate

Job Description: Cashier and sales associate for Penn State apparel store. In charge of customer service for store and checking out customers. (August 2014 - December 2016)


Pollock Commons (Dining Hall) - Cashier

Job Description: Cashier at Penn State dining hall. In charge of catering to 3000 plus students a week. Also, responsible for keeping dining commons clean and closing cash register. (August 2013 - December 2015)


State College Area School District - Intern

Job Description: Communication intern; helped with re-doing website and making it more readable by students and adults. Also helped rewrite sections and condensing redundant pages. Helped implement new social media strategies to reach their audience (students) better. (August 2015 - December 2015)


Greater Monsey Area Soccer - Soccer Coach

Job Description: Instructed and coached boys ages 5-7, on the fundamentals of soccer during a 6-week summer program. Implemented team work ethic and very basic soccer skills while engaging the boys in soccer. (2012-2013)


Auntie Annie's Pretzels - Cashier

Job Description: Cashier at pretzel shop in the Palisades Mall, West Nyack NY. Duties including running the cash register, answering all customer service questions and closing down shop. (2010)



Cannes Film Festival with

the American Pavilion

Working with the American Pavilion at the 71st Cannes Film Festival on their communications team!

Protest Against Libyan Slavery:

DACA Rally:

African Student Association

Pageant Director (2017-2018):

Head Pageant Director for Penn State's 7th annual Miss Africa PSU. As head director, I got the chance to help 6 African women gain confidence, build a sisterhood and represent their countries respectively.

African Student Association

Pageant Director (2016-2017):

In 2016, I was the head director of the Miss Africa PSU pageant. Previous I was a co-director. Here I got to coach, teach and help 5 African women to be pageant queens and help gain confidence. Being a director has given me more leadership experience and has helped me help other women in the process.

African Student Association

Pageant Director (2015-2016):

After participating in the 4th annual ASA pageant in 2014, I knew I had to go back and help. The confidence I gained, the friends I made, and the knowledge I gained about Africa; I had to help someone else get to experience those things. In 2015 I was appointed as pageant director for the 5th Annual ASA Pageant. I was then in charge of (with the help of the head pageant runner and another pageant director) running rehearsals and practices. Aside from the pageant etiquette they had to learn, I supported and helped the girls learn how to present themselves and most importantly become comfortable in their skin. I was chosen to be the head pageant director for the 6th annual ASA pageant 2016-2017.

African Student Association:


I have been a member of the African Student Association since 2014. In this organization, I learned more about my ethnic origins. It is important for me to always remember where I come from and to give back to my community. Connected with other Africans while volunteered at their football booths or helping out at the biggest cultural event at Penn State called Touch of Africa. Along with the fun we have, this organization also holds discussions about race, culture, discrimination and oppression in Africa; hearing different opinions and facts about Africa has really helped me understand it as a diverse, complex continent.

College of Communications Diversity 


The College of Communications diversity recruitment team or "Diversity Ambassadors,"

are a group of upperclassman who are in the communications majors. We encourage prospective students to come to the

 Communications College, through phone calls, email outreach and in-person interaction. We also have a mentoring program where we are designated 2-3 freshman that we talk to throughout the entire school year. We are a database for them on all things Penn State and help them maneuver their way through the semester. We host numerous events, including ski trips and bumper car racing, and we invite our mentees along so we can bond and do activities as a community. We also host a Phone-a-Thon every year, where we call admitted students and tell them about the amazing program Penn State has to offer. Four times a semester for 3 hours, and a countless list of names, we personally call students and congratulate them on their Penn State acceptance. 

Other Involvements:

2019 - Current Member of the NAACP Young Adult Committee

2019 - NAACP Spring Valley Chapter Member

2018 - Cannes Film Festival Correspondent

2018 - Panel Speaker for United Nations Commission on the status of Women

2018 - Communication Manager for the1st Annual African Women Against Gender-Based Violence and Slavery March

2018 - Women's March 

2017 - Program Director for Safari Yangu's Immigrant Run

2017 - Speaker for Write for Right's - Protesting Police Brutality in Kenya

2016 - Current National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ)

2016 Black Student Union (Member)

2016 National Association of Black Accountants Fashion Show (Stylist)

2014 Beyond Expectations Fashion Show (Stylist)

2014 - 2016 Penn State Journalist for Diversity (Writer)

2014- 2016 Diversity Ambassador for the College of Communications

2014 - 2016 Member of African Student Association